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Happy New Year 2072

शुभकामना नया बर्ष २०७२ को

जरुर, मेरो भित्तामा झुण्डिएको भित्ते पात्रो परिवर्तन हुदै छ । भोलि पनि मैले पुरानै पर्दा झुण्डिएको उही झ्यालबाट बर्षौ अघिदेखि चिहाई रहेको उही पुरानो दृश्य हेर्न बाध्य हुने छु !।। भित्ताको पात्रो संगै फेरिनु पर्थ्यो मैले सधै झ्यालबाट


Fusion Of Technology

A natural choice for explaining a process that seeks, from the outset, to generate definitive engineering system solutions, which are inextricably bound by those integrating technologies associated with the .......


Me, At A Glance

Interaction with..

Presenting about projects work flow after completing a major project in "Pay Phone System" while at College



Giving speech from the chair of President of Robotic Club while studying undergraduate.


Project Leader

Presenting about projects work flow for major project while studying undergraduate


Project Manager

Receiving farewell after completing public related project.



It is our choices, that show

what we truly are, far more
than our abilities.

My life - it has been a wonderful, spiritually-loving period of grace for me. Hopefully
my experience has helped me to remember my original connection to life, everywhere.
We have different skin color, eye color, shape of our bodies and languages but we truly
are all the same. Although we are separated by physical distance, and by our talents and
interests, in our hearts we are one with the creator who is the source of all. Once you have
experienced what it means to live in the heart your life will change forever.

I am here

Baluwatar, Kathmandu





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